Game #5: 3D Sidescroller – Unity – Voxelart

Game #5: 3D Sidescroller – Unity – Voxelart

Early prototype of the next game

Hi there! It’s time to make a new game! This time I’m choosing one of the most popular Game Engines: Unity3D! As you can see in the animation above, it will be a side scrolling shooter with a colorful voxelart setting.

The main things I will focus on will be:

  • Procedural content generation (environment, enemies)
  • Voxelart
  • Shaders
  • Particle effects
  • Local Coop-Multiplayer mode

The goal is to make an action packed couch coop game. It’s something I wanted to do for such a long time now!

As usual, I will publish the sourcecode on my Github account. After release I will also post some informations regarding the development process, the code, and lessons-learned.

Stay tuned!


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